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Your Mind, Fully Empowered.

Mindfully Empowered (ME) is a 6-week online group process that provides you with the opportunity to go on a journey to creating a vibrant and enjoyable experience in your mind alongside an intimate in-app community. Your journey has three primary intentions. To enrich you with a new perspective of how to navigate your internal experience, to enhance your relationship with technology, and to realign your daily behaviour to create a better time in your mind.

Primary Intentions.

Your journey through Mindfully Empowered has three primary intentions.

To enrich you with a new perspective of how your mind works, how you navigate the challenging emotional moments you experience, and how you communicate with yourself each day.
To enhance your relationship with technology to ensure you are conscious of the challenges it can present for your mind whilst intentionally utilizing the value it can bring to your experience.
To guide you towards aligning your daily behaviour, in harmony with your nature, to promote balance within yourself both psychologically and physiologically.

How It Works.

The course is delivered in a group setting via six online calls that take place for 75 minutes each. Following each conversation, you will be guided to develop your own individual intentions for home practices each week.

Alongside joining the weekly sessions, you will gain access to the Tolado Community for support during and after the process.

The 10 Key Steps.

Associated Organisations.

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A Few Words.

Some kind words from individuals that have been impacted.

Have some questions? We’re here to help.

Unique and personal questions often arise when considering investing in yourself in this way. We appreciate this and are therefore here to answer any questions you may have with compassion and understanding.

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